Encourage your growth by listing on the Prague Stock Exchange

A listing on the Prague Stock Exchange is a way for promising Czech companies to gain access to new capital that will help them become global players.

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Access new capital for the growth of your business

The new capital will not be debt for you. It will improve your financial structure and stability and will open the doors for you to get advanced bank financing.

"I have to give credit to the guys from LIFTIA, they are people with a big heart. They helped with everything. Even with things that they didn't have in their contract. They even responded to midnight mails."

Daniel Havner, FIXED.zone

The prestige and credibility of the company will increase

You will become a publicly traded company and immediately gain credibility with your business partners and suppliers.

Petr Koblic

The IPO on the START market has significantly increased the credibility of the company FILLAMENTUM in foreign countries.


Higher media attention will attract not only investors

You will have several interviews with journalists during the preparation and during the IPO. Dozens of articles, podcasts and videos will be published about your company and the listing. The value of the earned media coverage reaches hundreds of thousands of crowns of paid promotion.

Tomáš Morava

Increased PR will inevitably increase your and your customers awareness


Retain control of the company's management

It is common for 20-30% of new shares to be offered on the market during an IPO. After the issue, you will retain a majority stake in the company while attracting many new individual and institutional investors.

„Going public was the best decision we have ever made. From the beginning, the company has grown and continued on the path we set out on, and we are still in control.“

Petr Kasa Co-founder of Pilulka.cz in the PSE podcast

Employee and Management Motivation

Listing on the START market gives your employees and executives a tangible stake in the company's growth. This strategic move also paves the way for smooth generational leadership transitions.


Acceptable administrative complexity

Forget the notion that entering the START market is a bureaucratic process designed for corporates. It's an inviting landscape even for medium-sized companies eager to fuel their growth and business development.

A hit at the Prague Stock Exchange. The shares of the Czech brand FIXED were sold for CZK 50 million, but investors would have bought five times as much.

Read on cc.cz (in Czech)

START market IPO: is the smartest choice for SMBs

Breaking the barriers of traditional thinking, IPOs are no longer a playground only for massive companies. The START market is tailor-made for small and medium-sized enterprises, cutting down on cumbersome regulations and speeding up processes.

IPO on START market offers an attractive alternative to regular bank financing and M&A transactions, particularly for companies valued in the high tens of millions Czech crowns.

Petr Koblic:

The START market has increased interest in the Czech capital market and helped local companies raise growth capital

1 Initial analysis 1–2 months

We will verify the potential of your company

After our initial consultation and a handshake on terms, we dive deep to assess your company's attractiveness to Prague Stock Exchange investors. We will introduce you to the movers and shakers of the stock exchange, not just put numbers to your value. We will prepare a document to announce that you intend to go public on the START Market.


  • Introduction to the PSE's representatives
  • Intention to float (ITF)
2 Prospectus and issue preparation 6–8 months

Setting the stage for your success

The most challenging phase of the process, during which we will prepare and approve the IPO prospectus, together with our legal advisors. It also includes legal and financial due diligence, a detailed financial analysis of the share price and the preparation of an analytical report. We will be in charge of the preparation of a marketing plan and the start of its implementation.


  • IPO prospectus approved by the national bank
  • Legal and Financial Due Diligence
  • IPO marketing plan
  • Analytical report
  • Introduction to investors
3 IPO 30 days

Ensuring a successful initial public offering

We will accompany you through the entire process of the IPO. We will help you with the media presentation, answer investors questions and defend the rationale of your company's IPO.


  • IPO Marketing
  • Webinars and interviews
4 Continuing cooperation Long-term

Your trusted partner, now and beyond

Our commitment to you extends well beyond the listing. We continue to be at your side, managing your investor relations, media interactions and ongoing communications with the exchange.


  • Analytical reports
  • Support for communication with investors

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